Goose Green Ward:

These are the streets covered by the Goose Green Ward (those asterisked spread over more than one ward):

Acre Drive
Adys Road *
Archdale Road
Arnott Road
Ashbourne Grove
Barry Road *
Bass Mews
Bassano St
Bawdale Road
Besant Place
Blackwater Street
Burrow Road
Chesterfield Grove
Colwell Road
Copleston Road *
Crawthew Grove
Crystal Palace Road *
Cyrena Road
Darrell Road
Derwent Grove
Deventer Crescent
Dudrich Mews

Dulwich Lawn Close
East Dulwich Grove
East Dulwich Road *
East D Road
Elsie Road
Fellbrigg Road
Fenwick Road
Ferris Road
Frogley Road
Glengarry Road
Goodrich Road *
Gowlett Road *
Green Dale
Grove Vale *
Hansler Road
Hayes Grove
Heber Road
Hilsboro Road
Hinckley Road
Hindmans Road
Holmes Close
Jarvis Road

Jennings Road
Kelmore Grove
Keston Road
Lacon Road
Landcroft Road
Lordship Lane *
Lytcott Grove
Matham Grove
Melbourne Grove
Railway Rise
North Cross Road
Nutbrook street
Nutfield Road
Oakhurst Grove
Oglander Road
Ondine Road *
Oxonian Street
Peckham Rye
Pellatt Road
Playfield Crescent
Rodwell Road
Sage Mews

Shawbury Road
Silvester Road
Solway Road
Spurling Road
St Barnabas Close
St Francis Rd
Talbert Road
Tell Grove
The Gardens
Thompson Road
Thorncombe Road
Tintagel Crescent
Townley Road
Trossachs Road
Tyrrell Road
Ulverscroft Road
Upland Road *
Vale End
Wellington Mews
Whateley Road
Worlingham Road
Zenoria Street

If you’re not sure which ward you’re in, click¬†HERE¬†for a useful map. Neighbouring wards are Dulwich Hill, Dulwich Village, Champion Hill, Rye Lane and Peckham Rye.